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B+B SmartWorx - Ottawa, United States

Connected Intelligence EcoSystem Partner

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B+B SmartWorx is at the forefront of rapidly shifting technologies with intelligent M2M - building smarter devices and enabling connectivity from the edge device to the cloud application layer. Our mission is to provide a robust, scalable, flexible and secure connectivity hardware stack that enables solution providers to deploy M2M solutions with the lowest risk and fastest time to market.

Today’s M2M world is changing. Connectivity at and beyond the network edge is full of complexities not found in typical IT environments. A mix of technologies, protocols, and pseudo-standards requires a wide portfolio of products and technologies, plus expertise that is gained only through experience. B+B SmartWorx is known for its products and expert technical support - advising integrators and solutions providers from design all the way to installation.

B+B SmartWorx brings intelligence right to the edge of your network with our wireless sensing platform. It’s a combination of intelligent edge nodes, SmartMesh IP™ wireless networking technology and our award-winning Spectre Nexus gateway that provides a complete connectivity stack between virtually any sensor type and any IoT analytics applications – even in the most demanding environments.

Decision Making At Your Network’s Edge. That’s Connected Intelligence.


B+B SmartWorx
707 Dayton Road
PO Box 1040
Ottawa, Illinois
United States
Contact: Carol Kuzmich
Toll Free: 1-800-346-3119

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