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EMCOM - Oslo, Norway

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ICE.net provides mobile broadband service covering 75 percent of Norway and up to 12 miles out to sea.  They started with an analog NMT 450MHz network, upgraded to CDMA, and eventually obtained licenses for 800, 900 and 1800MHz as well.Industrial mobile

When ICE.net was looking at candidates to be their go-to partner for industrial/M2M applications, EMCOM was at the front of the line. ICE.net had worked with EMCOM in the past, and had already developed great respect for EMCOM’s vast knowledge of cellular routers, mobile networks and antennas. ICE.net was also already familiar with the brands that EMCOM represents.

ICE.net chose EMCOM. EMCOM’s knowledge, ability to handle logistics and willingness to serve and help ICE’s customers made Emcom a perfect fit. ICE.net was also impressed by the Spectre v3 LTE450 router and the skills and flexibility of B+B SmartWorx/Conel, the router’s manufacturer.  Together, EMCOM and B+B SmartWorx/Conel have enabled mobile industrial/M2M solutions for ICE.net customers all over Norway.


B+B SmartWorx products Used in this Reference Design

LR77 v2 Libratum WIFI set
LTE router LR77 v2 Libratum set (antenna, power supply, patch cable) - 2x ETH + 2x SIM + WIFI
Link to LR77 v2 Libratum WIFI set data sheet
Picture of LR77 v2 Libratum WIFI set