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Backup System for Real-time Video Streaming

Comms365 Limited - Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

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The 2014 World Curling Championships needed a backup solution to their pre-installed Ethernet connection to the internet for real-time video streaming. Comms365 Limited was approached to offer a service that would be able to continue streaming the curling events on their You Tube channel should the primary connection fail. The solution was to install Conel LR77 routers to maintain a steady data stream.

Video Streaming for Curling Championship


Curling was invented in medieval Scotland in the 1500’s, and Dumfries and Galloway, which covers the majority of the Western area of the Southern Uplands, hosts the annual curling championship (also known as the Scottish Cup). Dumfries & Galloway County Council, the organizers of the Championships, required a stable and reliable internet connection when hosting the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championships in 2014. Having already installed an Ethernet line as the primary, the organizers were looking for a backup solution. The main issue was a quickly approaching deadline, and they needed a service installed quickly. Comms365 Limited was contacted to offer a service that would be able to continue streaming the curling events via their You Tube channel should the primary connection fail.

Utilizing Conel LR77 devices and the Comms365 Continuum bonded service, the company was able to provide a solution within a few days. The set-up required a number of Conel devices, each with a SIM card from a different provider (for resilience). Due to the location of the routers (inside an enclosed stadium), throughput was carefully controlled utilizing the Continuum QoS facility, to maintain a steady stream. It was then determined that in order to provide a seamless fail-over service, the Ethernet connection should be incorporated into the bond. This created a single, fast connection.

The 2014 curling championships concluded with Switzerland taking the Gold and the Conel LR77 routers and Continuum QoS providing uninterrupted service throughout the series.

B+B SmartWorx products Used in this Reference Design

LTE router LR77 v2B set (antenna, power supply, patch cable) - 1x ETH + 1x USB + 1x Port + 1x SIM + 1x I/O
Link to LR77 V2B SET data sheet
Picture of LR77 V2B SET