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Connected Intelligence Reference Design

Connecting Two Remote, Redundant, Fiber Optic Industrial Networks

BitLogic - Thessaloniki, Greece

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A customer in northern Greece wanted to connect two very large canned fruit factories on a single network.  The system would need to monitor and control a variety of automatic production processes, and the network would have to incorporate many different kinds of equipment, including PLCs, touch screens, robots, inverters, motors, sensors and actuators.  The factories would need to be linked together, so that the two Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems could function as a single entity.Two factories connected on a single industrial network

BitLogic provided a solution that would meet the customer’s requirements.  BitLogic set up a Redundant Industrial Fiber Optic Network in each factory using B+B SmartWorx EIR608-2SFP managed switches.  The EIR608-2SPF switches provided network connectivity and copper-to-fiber media conversion for the factory equipment.  To connect the two factories, Bitlogic used cellular routers from B+B SmartWorx’ Conel division.  The Conel routers can connect via either wired Internet or the cellular networks, with automatic failover between the two.

For devices that were a long way from the switches and the network’s fiber backbone, Bitlogic used the B+B SmartWorx Ghostbridge, a wireless Ethernet bridge with line of site ranges of up to 15 km. 

The solution provided network connectivity for a broad array of equipment at both locations, and both factories were now controlled by a single network.

Two factories connected on a single industrial network

B+B SmartWorx products Used in this Reference Design

MANAGED SW (6) 10/100/1000, (2) SFP OR 10/100/1000
Link to EIR608-2SFP data sheet
Picture of EIR608-2SFP