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Long Range Ethernet for a Train Station

Connection Technologies - Wellington, New Zealand

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Connection Technologies (Wellington,NZ) was approached  by  a company working with a suburban rail provider to resolve issues with the Ethernet data feeds to their Passenger Information Devices (PIDs) in a large rail station. Cat 6 data cable infrastructure had been laid, but the connections were unreliable.  Cat 6 Ethernet cable has a practical range of 100 meters, including the patch cables between the Ethernet jacks and the attached devices.  The station’s Cat 6 backbone cables were already over 130 meters long, and connecting the PIDs made the distance even longer, thus aggravating the problem. Commuter rail station

Any solution would need to address the range limitations of Ethernet over Cat 6 cable while running two services over the existing cables.

Connection Technologies discussed the problem with the B&B SmartWorx technical department.  B+B suggested using Ethernet Extenders.  Ethernet Extenders use VDSL technology to extend Ethernet up to 1900 meters over any copper pair, even voice grade telephone wire.

Connection Technologies chose the B+B SmartWorx EIS2-Extend. The EIS2-Extend overcame size and powering constraints, and two units could work without interference in the same cable sheath.

Ethernet Extenders New Zealand

B+B SmartWorx products Used in this Reference Design

Ethernet Copper Extender for 10/100 networks, VDSL2
Link to EIS2-EXTEND data sheet
Picture of EIS2-EXTEND