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Connected Intelligence Reference Design

Industrial CNC & Robots Networking in Machine Tending Robotics Application

BitLogic - Thessaloniki, Greece

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RobotBitLogic, a VAR located in Greece and B+B SmartWorx worked with a metal part manufacturer to set up a new plant with automated production and complete supervisory monitoring and control throughout the system. This involved providing universal network connectivity for industrial equipment using a variety of data networking interfaces and data protocols, like CNC machines, controllers and industrial robots. 

BitLogic established an Ethernet-based industrial network linking the control room to the production areas. They used the B+B SmartWorx industrial grade ESW108 Ethernet switch to create the links between the CNC machines, the robots and the control room. To make the connection to the RS-232 interfaces on the CNC machines, BitLogic deployed B+B SmartWorx ESP211 RS-232 to Ethernet mini serial servers. The Robots used the PROFIBUS protocol to communicate with the controllers, and PROFINET for Networking to communicate via the ESW108 switches.

BitLogic Diagram

Network-based control dramatically reduced programming time for the CNC machines and the robots, and online monitoring provided quick fault detection and troubleshooting. Bitlogic delivered a simple, low-cost solution that accommodated multiple data protocols. B+B SmartWorx’s industrial grade device specifications, compact device form factors and limited lifetime warranty on its devices were a major factors in the decision. The final solution increased productivity and lowered production costs.


B+B SmartWorx products Used in this Reference Design

Ethernet Unmanged Switch 8 Port 10/100
Link to ESW108 data sheet
Picture of ESW108

Link to VESP211 data sheet
Picture of VESP211