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Connected Intelligence Reference Design

Real-time Monitoring of a Live Volcano

B+B SmartWorx - Ottawa, United States

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Volcanic Surveillance is based on the assumption that movement of molten rock or magma beneath a volcano will occur before any eruption can start and this movement of magma is detectable using various methods. Activity is monitored using the technique of Volcanic Surveillance, and data from all disciplines are collected, analyzed and cross-referenced, to help give an understanding of behavior at the volcanoes.  Advance warning of an impending eruption, which could cause havoc over the skies and interrupt flight schedules, etc., is especially critical. Wireless communication from the seismic site is also critical--thanks to lava flows, ash fall and earth tremors – installing and maintaining a data communications cable run on a live  volcano would be a very expensive—and dangerous--proposition.

Our customer made use of the cellular telephone network instead. The seismographs, GPS units and other devices at the reporting stations use small, local Ethernet networks to connect to our ER75i cellular routers, which then report the data via a cellular connection. The solution not only saves money, it relieves our customer of the need to spend a lot of time walking around on live volcanoes.


B+B SmartWorx products can network just about anything, anywhere. Our rugged reliable devices are tough enough to handle harsh—and often unusual – environments and applications. The ER75i cellular router includes a USB port and Ethernet 10/100 interfaces. Optional ports are available. -30 ° C to +60 °C (-22° F to 140° F) operating temperature. Two SIM card ports – Users can use alternate cellular providers for system redundancy.

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