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SCADA Remote Tank Monitoring System for the Pinal County, AZ Well Owners Co-op

SeeControl - San Francisco, United States

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Technology partner SeeControl, a leading IoT platform company, has partnered with B+B SmartWorx to help customers gain actionable intelligence from the raw machine data gathered from monitored equipment across multiple sites. This enables operational efficiencies and improves financial decision making, including taking advantage of new revenue opportunities. The two companies are working together to solve data analytics challenges throughout the world.

Current monitoring systems generate a large amount of data, the majority of which is transient operational data holding little value for analytics. To unlock useful, actionable insight from this raw data, SeeControl and B+B SmartWorx have combined their complementary solutions to develop a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) remote tank monitoring system for the Pinal County, Arizona well owners co-op. The monitoring system provides continuous monitoring and data analytics for complete visibility into operations and status at multiple remote sites from a single platform. The monitoring system can predict, and therefore prevent, system failures by measuring and aggregating pump current.

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By leveraging SeeControl’s analytics with B+B’s SCADA system, it has the ability to take action based on changes detected over time, alerting a technician to schedule preemptive maintenance before a catastrophic failure can happen. Using a system like this enables efficient use of manpower when servicing large numbers of assets in the field:

B+B SmartWorx products Used in this Reference Design

Spectre 4G Cellular Router
Industrial Cellular Router
Picture of Spectre 4G Cellular Router

Wireless Radio Modem (Modbus)
Link to ZXT9-RM data sheet
Picture of ZXT9-RM