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IP Based Intercom for Drive-in Restaurants

Express Systems & Peripherals - Jackson, United States

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Express Systems & Peripherals (Jackson, NJ), an international distributor of industrial data communication equipment, was first introduced to this project by B+B SmartWorx. Working with an audio contractor, ESP and B+B needed to deliver a multiplexed power-over-ethernet switch solution to replace a poor quality analog audio system at a national drive-in restaurant chain, to improve the customer ordering experience.

The end customer working with a prime supplier chose an audio contractor for the selection of an IP-based 2-way intercom system to support the restaurant's 3 canopies, each with 12 car stalls. The audio contractor contacted B+B for the appropriate devices to complete the audio-over-ethernet intercom system.

B+B SmartWorx brought in Express Systems & Peripherals to provide the direct interface with the audio contractor since they were in the geographic area. ES&P worked with B+B engineers to specify a pair of E-Linx industrial Ethernet switches per canopy to interface with the intercom system:

EIRP410-2SFP-T (8-port PoE Ethernet switch + 2-port SFP)
EIRP305-T (5-port PoE Ethernet switch)

Utilizing the existing conduit from the building under the parking lot to each canopy, Ethernet cable was run to the (2) B+B Ethernet switches to support the 12 stalls, keeping the overall installed cost to a minimum.

ESP red des #2

Reasons for the Design Win

B+B SmartWorx products Used in this Reference Design

Unmanaged POE Ethernet Switch
Link to EIRP410-2SFP-T data sheet
Picture of EIRP410-2SFP-T