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Connected Intelligence Partner News

   ILS Technology - Helps Build Awareness of Privacy and Security Across The Internet of Things - Read

   SWARM Intelligence for IoT: Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts, Industrial Ethernet Book  April 2015 - Read

   ITEXPO Miami 2015 Studio Interview with B+B SmartWorx, TMCNet Videos  February 2015 - Read

   Newly Rebranded B+B SmartWorx Tells IoT Story, M2M Evolution January 2015 - Read

   Tips & Trends: Change (aka unscrambling IT, OT, and IoT), EDN Network January 2015 - Read

   IoT Provider Ramps Up Device Intelligence & Pools Resources, Electronics Specifier January 2015 - Read

   Industrial Networking Manufacturer Changes Company Name, Adds Global Partner Ecosystem, Control Engineering  January 2015 - Read

   Internet of Things Drives B&B Electronics’ Rebranding as B+B SmartWorx, Automation World  January 2015 - Read

   Where Next for the Internet of Things? Engineering and Technology Magazine  January 2015 - Read


B+B SmartWorx News

   B+B SmartWorx Becomes Advantech B+B SmartWorx as Sale is Finalized, Will Lead New Intelligent Networking Business Unit in North America January 2016 - Read

   B+B SmartWorx Launches New PoE Plus Switches with Fiber SFP Ports for Industrial and Commercial Applications December 2015 - Read

   Advantech Acquired B+B SmartWorx for US$99.85 Million, Targeting Industrial IoT Applications and Expansion in the Industrial Connectivity Market Advantech, November 2015 - Read

   Telit and B+B SmartWorx Collaborate on Intelligent Onramp to the Industrial Internet of Things 2015 - Read

   B+B SmartWorx Launches Commercial WzzardC Intelligent Edge Nodes for Indoor Wireless Sensing Applications June 2015 - Read

   B+B SmartWorx’ Tim Taberner Discusses Intelligent IoT Systems at IoT Applications Europe in Berlin April 2015 - Read

   Novotech Technologies Embraces B+B SmartWorx’ Wzzard Intelligent Sensing Platform to Deploy Wireless M2M Monitoring Solutions April 2015 - Read

   Industrial Network Connectivity Manufacturer B&B Electronics Emerges as Global Intelligent IoT/M2M Expert B+B SmartWorx January 2015 - Read

   Industrial Network Connectivity Manufacturer B&B Electronics Emerges as Global Intelligent IoT/M2M Expert B+B SmartWorx January 2015 - Read

   B+B SmartWorx Announces Connected Intelligence Global Partner Ecosystem January 2015 - Read

   Approaching the Connected Sensor for the First Time, IoT-Inc, Podcast January 2015 - Read

   Industrial Internet of Things Technology Expert Tim Taberner Joins B&B Electronics, January 2015 - Read

   Low Power Wireless Networking for the Industrial Internet of Things, M2M Journal December 2014 - Read

   B+B SmartWorx Connects Network Edge Intelligence to the Industrial IoT, M2M Evolution February 2015 - Read

   B+B Ecosystem Aims to Extend Non-Consumer IoT Connectivity, M2M Zone January 2015 - Read

   B&B Electronics Becomes B+B SmartWorx, Redefines its IoT, M2M Future, EDN Network January 2015 - Read

   B&B Bringing Legacy Systems into Industrial IoT, EE Times January 2015 - Read

   B&B Electronics Seeks to Stake Its Industrial IoT Market Position with New Name, Partnership Network, IoT Journal January 2015 - Read