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B+B's insider team blogs about select topics to create a conversation with engineers.

What technology is exciting and what's overrated? What works and what doesn't? Mike Fahrion, Brian Foster and Susan Stanley bring unique perspectives and insights to the issues and challenges you all face and they encourage you to respond with comments or questions.

The Insider Blogs are created for you to read, to respond and most importantly to continue the trends in connectivity and communications intelligence. Enjoy reading the Insider Blogs and feel free to comment. Here's a few of our recent Insider Blogs.

Our Focus and Commitment Has Not Changed

Susan Stanley
Susan Stanley
Over the last couple of years B+B SmartWorx expanded its network connectivity product portfolio and expertise by acquiring IMC Networks, Conel and Quatech.


Class 1, Division 2: Certified for Hazardous Locations

Susan Stanley
Susan Stanley
If data connectivity equipment is to be used in certain industries, like Oil and Gas, it will typically need to have Class 1, Div 2 certification.  There is no single global standard, so a device may require multiple approvals.  In the USA, for example, a device would have to meet National Electrical Code (NEC) standards.  In Europe, the device would have to meet International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC) standards.


The Right Tool for the Job

Mike Fahrion
Mike Fahrion

Today’s suitcases come with extendable handles and quad, swivel, ball-bearing castors. They practically transport themselves. I’d completely forgotten how awkward their predecessors could be until I spotted one in the Las Vegas airport recently.



13 Jan 2016     07:11 PM
Our Focus and Commitment Has Not Changed

03 Dec 2015     07:09 PM
Class 1, Division 2: Certified for Hazardous Locations

11 Nov 2015     06:50 PM
The Right Tool for the Job

28 Oct 2015     07:07 PM
OM3/OM4 Fiber

01 Oct 2015     06:48 PM
Opportunity is Knocking; It's Time To Open the Door

05 Aug 2015     06:45 PM
The IT/OT Mashup

29 Jul 2015     07:05 PM
Ethernet Copper to Fiber Media Converter Selection Guide

30 Jun 2015     07:03 PM
Media Converter Troubleshooting

24 Jun 2015     06:43 PM
Wireless Tech and the Energy Harvesting Conundrum

21 May 2015     06:42 PM
IoT Tech: The Universal Translator for the Industrial Tower of Babel

07 May 2015     07:01 PM
Link Fault Pass Through

21 Apr 2015     06:38 PM
Respect Your Elders — Even If They’re Machines

10 Mar 2015     06:26 PM
IoT on the Beach

04 Feb 2015     06:59 PM
Ethernet Network Security

29 Jan 2015     09:29 PM

18 Dec 2014     02:08 PM
Prioritizing My Projects for 2015