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Susan Stanley - Our Focus and Commitment Has Not Changed

Susan Stanley Over the last couple of years B+B SmartWorx expanded its network connectivity product portfolio and expertise by acquiring IMC Networks, Conel and Quatech.

But our focus and commitment to our customers has not changed. We will continue to design and manufacture rugged, reliable network connectivity products. We will continue to provide network connectivity solutions that allow multiple generations of data technology products to work together seamlessly, from legacy serial devices to the newest innovations in industrial Internet of Things technology. When you call Tech Support you will still reach a live, knowledgeable person, and the sales folks that you rely upon will be the same familiar faces.

My own area of expertise has been the company’s line of fiber media converters. We will continue to support copper to fiber applications. We will continue to manufacture 10/100Mbps products. We will continue to introduce products that support gigabit speed, which is becoming the common standard. Looking ahead, we expect to see an increasing need for 10G products, with 40G right around the corner. We will continue to develop enhanced Management capability in our fiber Layer 2/3 products, and we will continue to support unique customer applications by providing modified products or new product solutions, just as we always have.

This is an exciting time for our company, and we welcome the challenge. If you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact me, or any of your personal contacts at B+B SmartWorx.

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